God Didn’t Make Instant Coffee

   Over breakfast the other day, my wife was so pissed off on the reported “disappearance” of ZTE broadband controversy witness, Rodolfo Lozada, Jr., upon his arrival at the Ninoy Aquino International Airport (NAIA).

     She was so disappointed at the way the “wheel of justice” is turning in our country. She said the bad guys seemed to get away with their “evil” schemes while the good guys continue to suffer.

     My wife was complaining at what she termed as “circuitous” process of bringing law breakers to justice. She could not understand why the Supreme Court had to stop the Senate from arresting Secretary Romulo Nery when the Senate merely wanted the NEDA Secretary to appear before the Blue Ribbon Committee and tell everything he knows about the NBN-ZTE deal. I had to explain to my wife that that’s how justice is administered; it’s a slow process of listening to all sides and painstakingly “sifting” every data to come up with convincing evidence.

     I was of course enjoying my usual cup of sinara na kape (brewed “barako” coffee) as I listened to her. Then, as the aroma of coffee filled my nostrils, I said,     

     “You know, Vyks (that’s short for “Vicky”), God did not make instant coffee. He gave us instead a coffee tree to plant, a fruit to harvest, to dry, to roast, to grind. A water to boil, to evaporate, to condense, to drop on roasted coffee, to extract the best tasting beverage from coffee. All these hustle, to perk our every morning that God gave us.”

     I almost lost my lunch that day when my wife told me to start pounding the palay and make some rice!

     In the early Friday morning of February 8, however, we woke up to the angelic confessions of a man who refused to be drowned by the dark. Jun Lozada came out, miraculuously unscathed, with a firm resolve to be with the light! He went on with his confessions to the Senate and bared his soul. Not even Miriam Defensor could becloud the issue with her “credibility testing one, two, three. . ”. Jun Lozada, like the Jedi that he is, spit it all out as though “The Force” was really with him. He came out “with the courage of the truth”, and came out truly triumphant.

     At the breakfast table, my wife quipped again, “That was one quick “brewed coffee”, huh? It all happened in less than 24 hours, from Jun Lozada’s abduction in the airport to his Senate appearance”, then she asked, “Do you think there is a Jun Lozada in Bulan who would finally bring light to the Bulan Bus Terminal scam?”        

    “Nothing is impossible with God,” I retorted.