TagaBulans Unite Against Corruption

     I have to write this piece today to acknowledge the growing readership of sorsogonnews.

      The writers, reporters and I are truly touched by your unexpected outpouring of sentiments toward our beloved town and the indignation you expressed on the abuses hurled on Bulan by its supposed “public servants”.

      One may think that since a taga-Bulan chose to settle for good in the U.S., Zurich, Canada or elsewhere, that he or she no longer cares about what’s happening in his or her hometown. That expatriates cease to be Filipinos or taga-Bulans the moment they change their passports. Your responses to this blog confirm our colleague’s thoughts when he wrote:

      “What is appalling about all these indignities is that it inflicts on all Filipinos indiscriminately. It has a way of bugging us no matter how we ignore it. No matter where we are or who we are.

      “Whether “national pride” or “national embarrassment” there is no way we can avoid its resultant effect. In fact, we can not say “Labas ako dyan, pare. Sila lang naman ang mandaraya.” Or  “Eh, sila lang naman ang gumawa ng kagalak-galak.” 

     “No! When the Filipino nation suffers, all of us suffer because we are the nation. Huwag mo’ng sabihing Kano ka na ngayon at hindi ka na naaapektuhan ng  mga kawalang-hiyaan ng kapwa Pinoy natin. Passport lang ang napalitan sa’yo. Pinoy ka pa rin!” (From Adan Silangan’s Keeping Stock of Our Old Selves”, Sorsogonnews, 14 Sept. 2007)

      Jun Asuncion’s reactions to these blog best exemplifies the unwavering loyalty tagaBulans have to our town. He writes:

      “It is important that we look back to our past, – to those leaders who put the interest of the people first, who sacrificed many things in their lives, even in some cases their very own families for the sake of Bulan,- to ground our political views at present.

      “Our town stands on a solid foundation laid down by many noble and dignified leaders of the past. Now it’s your turn to give tribute to them by being guided by their very own ideals as you go on with your daily political affairs in Bulan.

      “In this way there is this spirit of continuity, thus protecting the town from some people who are there just driven by their selfish intentions. Such people are not rooted in Bulan’s history, dissipated and vicious people, and therefore do not deserve to lead a beautiful town like Bulan.

      “Bulan deserves a bright future.” 

     Or Rudy Bellen who thirst for much-needed infrastructure projects in our town lamenting the snail-paced “development” in Bulan for the past 35 years.

      “(S)ince i left (Bulan) when his uncle (Mayor Luis De Castro) is the incumbent mayor there had been no significant improvement on the life of Bulanons. The only significant development i have seen is the cemented roads (McLane and side streets) of the town proper all the way to Polot. But other than that no other noteworthy development i’ve seen.” 

     Sally, Salve, Marta and Maryjoy (Does that sound like Marco Sison’s song?) almost “ganged-up” on Ms.Universe, when the latter hurled insults on those who were complaining on the way Guiming De Castro treats his wife’s constitituents.

      Enraged by Guiming’s “Rumalayas na kamo sa Bulan caper” Maryjoy, perhaps unknowingly, revealed she’s an EDSA I veteran when she quipped, “(M)aski ngani an mga Marcoses diri kami inpaharale sa Manila san nag-rarally kami with yellow tshirts for NINOY….”.

       While Marta gave us a hint of her “militant” past (Guess ko lang, tabi) with her call, “It is time for Bulan folks to unite and fight for their rights from this oppressive, abusive and corrupt administration.”

      Salve and Ms.Bulan 2007, on the other hand, did not mince their words articulating their indignation, Salve says:

       “Sin-o siya na mapahale saimo, ms. Universe? Sabot mo na tabi an issue didi? Salamatonon kun macharm mo siya na bawion niya an sinabi niya. After all, he doesnt own Bulan. Nobody does! Maski pobrehon na wara sin sadiri na ingud, diri nya pwede pahalion sa bulan. To disagree with any type of governance (official voters & absentee voters) makes up his power – his right to govern sadto na panahon. Thats politics- ms. Universe. Thats life!” 

and Ms.Bulan 2007, simply retorted,

      Ambot sa imo gimming san-o mo nabakal ang Bulan? Gurang ka na. Magisip ka sa insasabi mo.

      But Sally chose the path of the righteous saying,

       “Ms. bulan 2007…ipangadye na lang nato sa Dios si Gimmeng at an kabungto ta na mga Bulanon, na sana wara sin gulo para sa ikakaayad san banwa ta.” 

     Before anyone else, however, Daru, Jhone and Kevin blazed the trail where our readers now tread. They are the “musketeers” that dare speak against the unbridled corruption in Bulan. They fearlessly wrote to sorsogonnews when we were just beginning and made known their feelings to us. 

     When we started our advocacy for a graft-free society in Bulan, we thought our voices will all just be in vain, muted by an uncaring mass of indifference. We almost fell on the trap laid by grafters, believing in their line that “everyone carries a price”. And that nobody cares anymore about elections, since people entrenched in power will always lie, cheat and steal or worse, kill!

      Your responses, however, kept us going. Your notes are truly reassuring, especially on our “low-batt” hours. Every word you write rekindles the daunting spirits in us, lifting us back to what we should really be doing – expose the evil doers and bring them to justice. For that’s what Christmas is really all about, “one not of revelry alone, but of the rebirth of selflessness”, a selflessness that puts our country first over ourselves.

       This season, and the many seasons ahead of us, we hope to read more from you, and speak for those who, can not and will not, dare speak against the excesses of our ‘chosen’ leaders.

       Merry Christmas!


 To Jun Asuncion,

      Thank you for your much-needed encouragements. I really hope to write more about Bulan’s past and the kind of nobility our past government leaders exhibited while in office, among whom is your lolo, the late mayor Adonis Asuncion.

      As you might have seen in the photo in my last article, “Remembering the WWII Generation”, your lolo and mine (Amado Golpeo) and the late mayor Guillermo Latinazo, all became mayor with only one goal, serve the people, serve them well and serve them always.

      I hope to interview your mom, as well as her other siblings, to learn more about your lolo. I was lucky enough to record some of my family’s stories when most of my lolo’s children were still alive. From the scanty information I gathered from them, your Lolo Donis was among my Lolo Mado’s best friends together with mayor Latinazo and the late congressman Norberto Roque. I think it was this closeness that made your Lolo Donis name one of his daughters, Amada, to ‘seal’ his friendship with his friend ‘Amado’ Golpeo.

      Maybe for starters, we can share our families’ stories from time to time and come up with a ‘unified’ version.

      Till then, please keep on reading sorsogonnews and keep on fighting!

                                                                              Nonong Guyala