Leave Bulan To Us

by Adan Silangan 

      BULAN, SORSOGON –  Half of Bulan’s population is weary of its former mayor’s recent blast against his critics to pack their belongings and leave this town “Kun diri kamo nakumporme san administrasyon mi, rumalayas na kamo didi sa Bulan!” (If you dislike the way Bulan is administered, you better leave this town). This latest denigration by former mayor Guillermo De Castro was aired Saturday, October 13, over DWBS-FM in reaction to SorsogonNews’ news item on the ex-mayor’s face-off with critics of his wife’s CBT (Bulan Centralized Bus Terminal) project.

      A web-blogger, when asked about the former mayor’s recent outburst, said, “De Castro was apparently irked by what he may have considered as the “internationalization” of the bus terminal issue by publishing it in the world wide web.”

      “Perhaps he was hoping to confine this issue of the terminal within the municipality only. Now that it’s on the web, opposition to it (the bust erminal project) might snowball and lead to its cancellation”, he added.

      An incumbent barangay chairman of Bulan was surprised at the way the former mayor was reacting. He said, his family have been entrenched in power in their barangay for more than three decades now but they never thought of treating their constituents the way De Castro is treating his.

      “Ni minsan diri mi naisip na nabakal mi na an barangay kaya may karapatan kami magpahali sa mga tawo na diri nakumporme sa palakaw mi. Kasano kabakal ni Geming an Bulan?”, the barangay chairman angrily retorted.

      Supporters of the CBT project, meanwhile, assailed those who question the propriety of this undertaking. They agree with the Local Government that there is a need for a centralized bus terminal to anticipate the growing number of vehicles in the municipality.

      “Pulitika lang ‘yan”, said a gay activist, “these people (critics of the CBT) are just opposing the project for the sake of opposing it. They are hindering the town’s progress. Why can’t they admit that Mayor Helen De Castro could think of this very laudable project, that she and her husband made the right decision in building the terminal in Fabrica. Kun kamo naman an nakapoder, himuon man niyo an gusto niyo himuon.

      But the same CBT supporter, however, was saddened at the outburst of the former mayor asking those who disagree with them to leave town. He said the ex-mayor should realize that in a democracy, those who disagree with the authority have the same equal right to be protected as those who agree with it.

      “Bulan, as a democratic town, is made up of those who agree with the administration and those who disagree with it. Take out dissent as an attribute of democracy and you take democracy out itself.”

      “The former mayor should know this”, he added, “wara man burulang kun wara kontra!”

(With reports from Luisito Panelo, Bulan Correspondent) (You can also watch our latest coverage of this year’s celebration of ‘Christ the King’, click the blue instruction below and watch the video.) Click here to get your own player.