Sorsogon broadcaster, Nonong Guyala, will soon write for SorsogonNews on national and provincial issues.

Guyala is the former vice mayor of the town of Bulan and pioneered in broadcast journalism in that town in early 1998 when he launched the erstwhile “Bayabay“, a weekly commentary talk show over DWBS One FM spiced with dramatizations of legal situationers where legal advices are rendered at the conclusion of the radio-drama.

Bayabay gained popularity, not only in the town of Bulan, but in nearby municipalities of Sta. Magdalena, Matnog, Magallanes, some parts of Bulusan and the islands of Ticao (Masbate) and Samar where the radio station’s broadcast could be heard.

After a few months on the air, however, his political opponent, then Bulan mayor Guillermo De Castro, pressured the radio station to cancel Guyala’s weekly show contending that the radio program was just a means to propel the candidacy of Guyala’s brother, Atty. Redentor Guyala, who was then rearing to run for a seat in Congress.

After having been cut-off air in 1998, Guyala resumed his radio “news magazine” in 2003, this time over Manila Broadcasting Corporation (MBC)’s HOT FM with his new talk and news format KABATAS. (The show’s moniker, KABATAS, is actually a contraction of Bicol-Bulan words, Kaapin mo sa Batas or guardian of the law.)

Kabatas, however, suffered the same fate as Bayabay. MBC’s officers were summoned by the Sangguniang Bayan (A local legislative council.) and was reportedly prevailed upon by then Mayor De Castro to cancel Guyala’s radio program. MBC officials, however, refused the mayor’s “request” and continued to host Guyala’s radio show.