Art Bell’s Sister Reacts

by Adan Silangan

We received an email from someone who identified herself as Art Bell’s sibling. She was protesting the mention of her brother’s name in our article “Keeping Stock of Our Old Selves”, claiming Art Bell did not write any hate letter against Filipinos.

The following is an excerpt of the article forwarded to us by Sakanta Running Wolf Bell-Gumaer:

In July 2001, the Philippine Daily Inquirer printed an email letter purportedly from Bell that made derogatory statements about Filipinos. This letter was subsequently demonstrated to be a hoax perpetrated upon Bell, who in fact had a publicly loving relationship with his Filipina wife and his previous wife Ramona, who was also Filipina, and who often spoke openly about his admiration for the Filipino people on his radio show. Subsequently, the Philippine Daily Inquirer printed a retraction and apologized for printing the statement upon their verification of the hoax. This fraudulent act upon Bell still periodically results in serious threats to Bell when this material surfaces from time to time.

We checked the Philippine Daily Inquirer’s archive for this issue which printed the supposed retraction, unfortunately, the oldest available back issues on its website are from 2004 only.

We would like to believe Art Bell’s sister and apologize for whatever harm our article may have caused her brother.

We find it rather strange, however, that after all these years and the controversy surrounding this alleged “hate letter”, Art Bell has not written a single article on Filipinos debunking the hoax about his hatred for this race.

The explanations and/or defenses disclaiming authorship to this letter were mostly done by Art Bell’s representatives – fuelling speculations as to what really is his attitude towards Filipinos.