Filipinos are once again up in indignation against racism.  They were outraged by a remark made by Teri Hatcher on ABC’s tv drama series, “Desperate Housewives” when, talking about doctors’ school diploma, she blurted, “I just want to make sure that their not from some medical schools in the Philippines”, .     

We cannot fault the actress nor the writer and/or producers of the show. They were just trying their best to make their program as realistic as possible.

      And how realistic were they?

       Close enough.

       Except for some colleges and universities in the Philippines that are genuinely dedicated to educating their students according to the course they take, majority of the schools here are nothing but “diploma mills”.      And that’s where the fault lies! Diplomas issued by these schools are genuine since they are licensed by the state to run a school. What is questionable is the school’s certification that the holder of such diploma truly deserves the degree conferred upon him.

      For ages, the Philippine government has consented to this practice by indiscriminately giving out school licenses either through political patronage or simply through bribe taking.      In Sorsogon, for instance, two high schools located in the same street of the same barangay, operate under the same name, the St. Bonaventure Academy, Inc. and the St. Bonaventure Academy.

      The former was granted government recognition in 1986 and duly organized as an educational foundation. While the latter is run by a priest, without any claim of legitimacy except for the mere tolerance of Bicol Region’s Department of Education (DepEd) officials and some political backing.


      Why can not the DepEd settle this is reason enough for Teri Hatcher to suspect every graduate that hails from the Philippines!