by Adan Silangan

The haphazard decision of Malacañang to suspend the controversial ZTE broadband deal raised more eyebrows than praises. For one, its motive easily becomes suspect with the forthcoming appearance of Arroyo’s former NEDA director, Romulo Nery on Wednesday, Sept. 26, at the continuation of the Senate Blue Ribbon Committee hearings.


As one observer said, the Supreme Court has already ordered its suspension as a matter of judicial procedure and in connection with the petition filed by Vice Gov. Rolex Suplico with the High Tribunal. So what for was the order of suspension? Sabi na nga, eh para que pa?


Mareng Winnie, on the other hand, says it’s the best thing the President has ever done about this controversy. Sabi naman namin, eh para que pa nga no! With or without her public pronouncement suspending the implementation of this project, eh suspended na!


Such a gesture may only send Mike Arroyo’s Atty. Santos to his wobbly legs and cry anew: The President is only after some “media mileage”! You know this guy is so fond of that phrase every time he defends his boss Mike.


But you know, on second thought, Atty. Santos could be right this time, President Gloria might just be after “some media mileage”.


The order of suspension will send certain signals in media that the President and the First Gentleman have nothing to do with the ZTE deal. That she will do everything to prosecute wrongdoers in her cabinet and/or political allies. That only those whose hands are tainted with the ZTE scam should go to jail. Chair Abalos and Mendoza, and yes, even Joey De Venecia should be prosecuted for Plunder and influence peddling, respectively.


Pwede, di ba?


But, of course, there is Romulo Nery who vowed to tell the whole truth this coming Wednesday. One who is with known probity, one who would always stand for the truth.

Nery’s testimony may seal the lid off this controversy that has preoccupied us again. He may be the man that will remind all of us about the true meaning of  – a public office being a public trust.


This could be the reason why the President suspended the ZTE national broadband project – to abort Mr. Romulo Nery’s Senate testimony.


Huwag naman sana!